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The thai parliament
Democracy Parliament is an important legislative body by enacting legislation. To administer the mainland To oversee the administration of the government in accordance with the policy announced to the council. The form of the Thai Parliament since the rule of law since 1932, it appears that the constituent elements of the Parliament depend on the form of Parliament to be a single parliament or two. Including the origin of parliamentarians. Authority, Responsibility and Independence of Parliament This will enable Parliament to become a functioning executive body.

Thailand, we have already used the two systems of Parliament, one parliamentary system. And two parliamentary congressional systems Each system has different characteristics and limitations:

1. Parliamentary Assembly only The key characteristics of a single congressional assembly are: There is only one legislative member, such as the National Legislative Assembly. But the only one in Thailand is split up again.

1.1 A single council consisting of two types of members and two types of members is Members who are directly elected. And the members of the nomination. As can be seen from the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand in 1932.
1.2 Single council consisting of only one member There are only members who are appointed, such as the National Legislative Assembly established in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand BE 2515

2. Second Congress The nature of the two-chamber parliament consists of two types of members: the members of the House of Representatives and the senators or members of the House of Representatives. Member of the House of Representatives from the election The senator from the appointment.